4 days and then it begins….

So, I have 4 days until I turn 29 and the final 12 months of my 20’s officially starts and this is the first post in my new blog.

So how am I feeling?

Very aware of the year ahead, about how I think it needs to count to be meaningful and full of good times so as I don’t waste it.

I am a very independent person. I have a mortgage, currently a reasonably well paid and responsible job. Yet I some how feel like I lack substance in my life and I have little to show for my 28 years.

Apart from maybe a divorce and debt.

This is obviously very negative, I know this, I do have many things I appreciate in life, family and friends foremost.

I have been on many wonderful holidays and had some brilliant experiences, however other than the memories these things do not last forever.

These things have made me happy along the way but I know  I lack the  contentment  with my life I had hoped by now I would feel and approaching 30 emphasises this for me.

I cannot help but wonder how differently I would have written the above if I didn’t currently have a broken heart…maybe I would never have started this in the first place.

I haven’t decided how frequently I will post, I guess when I feel I have something to share. Maybe no one will ever read this and in which case it won’t matter anyway!


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