Okay so today I was asked…..

If I had any actual plans on my birthday.

Answer: No.

Just work and everything else that a Wednesday brings, which as I’m sure is the same for most people, not a lot. I don’t think this bothers me, ask me again Wednesday night when I am crying into my pillow alone!! (I’m messing, I’m not that blue about it)

Then it struck me that even though I am dreading next years big birthday so much, surely not doing anything would make the whole thing even worse….

This could be the first ray of light appearing already and I’m not even 29 for another 2 days!!

So my current thinking is if I plan something super cool and exciting to look forward to on the day of my 30th itself then surely the looking forward to that will our weigh the dread of the age?

I would like to know what other people did for their 30th birthday and whether or not you were looking forward to it or not in the first place.

Anyway, 2 more days until my birthday for 2013 and then I can really see how I feel and whether or not being inevitably closer makes a difference. You know like when you need to lose weight and you make out you are not that bothered and then you actually manage to lose some and you suddenly all for it and try even harder. Maybe this will happen to me and once I’m 29 I’ll be willing on my 40th, although lets not hold our breath about it eh?



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