It has officially begun…..last year of my 20’s

Well today is the 23rd January and therefore my Birthday. I am 29 years old which is 10,593 days.  I have been at work, had balloons stuck around my desk, got a giant cupcake cake, some chocolate (my fav choc orranges) and then headed home for a quiet night in where I have opened lovely cards, received nice texts and calls…. the partying is at the weekend, whoop.

My actual birth day, went as follows….

The day I was born I am informed was very snowy and my Dad was watching the superbowl on the TV by all accounts. I was born on a Monday morning and I am reliably informed that whilst my Mum was in labour she wasn’t too impressed when the song ‘Manic Monday’ came on the radio. My Mum does not remember if was due, early or late, nor exactly how much I weight, 6lb something. Nice to know it was a memorable event for her!!

My parents didn’t know that they were having a girl and had only a boys name picked out, I would have been a Zak. However as I came out a girl and with no name lined up my took inspiration from the TV, The Thorn Birds to be precise which my Mum liked and the actress Rachel Ward. The character was called Meggie, which I am pleased my Mum went with Rachel, I am guessing she also figured that Meggie Everitt didn’t have a very good ring to it!!

So only a few posts into my blog I think anyone who has read it will have gathered by now it is about this last year of my twenties which I have just entered and my, lets says dread, of turning 30 in a year. Some people know this about me already, I don’t make any secret from it…. so would think that my best friend would show a little more compassion would you not??  This is the card she sent me for my birthday….

ImageIt came complete with a message inside which read that I must stay calm and remain focused on having lots of fun.

Obviously she is not the only one to give me pep talks and be try and get me to be enthusiastic about nearing 30 however she is the only one ballsy enough to send me a personalised card instructing it….this is one of the many many reasons I love her and we are best friends. Even though, for those that do not already know she is on the opposite side of the world and living in New Zealand, she gets away with this behaviour. This fab friend of mine is called Em. I am sure she will make further appearances in my blog.

Anyway following her advice (instruction) I am going to set about a list of things I would like to do in the next 12 months. It’s not a bucket list…not full of extravagent once in a life time opportunities, just a list of things I want to do and haven’t for no real reason and now I am going to make an effort and have fun between now that that 4th decade of my life starting….Keep your eyes out, I’ll post my list on here when it is done.



2 thoughts on “It has officially begun…..last year of my 20’s

  1. Happy Birthday! yesterday ha ha. I remember turning 30.. I cried and felt “old” , now I’m soon to be 37 and dreading 40.. Oh it’s just a number right. I keep telling myself that! Life is good, better than some others have it, so no complaints should be made on my end. Have a fun weekend!!!!

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