Hot Free Virgin Excitement……

Oh yes, what a fantastic way to start my 29th year!!

Yesterday I finally got my pass card to Virgin Money Lounge.

Refreshments, lovely surroundings, entertainment (Ipads, sky tv, books, games) and the nicest toilets in the city centre. All as a benefit of having a Virgin money product. I assure you this is not an advert on behalf of Virgin Money, I am just genuinely so very pleased to have such a good perk to an incredibly boring commitment such as my pension, however, I would like to point out I have had my pension for ages and this was not the reason I chose Virgin and only a few weeks ago discovered about the wonderfulness of the perks.

As if free refreshments wasn’t good enough I was even more thrilled by the incredibly attentive and rather dashing man who welcomed me to Norwich’s best kept secret. Chatting, laughing and making me feel like the only girl in the, oh hang on no only customer in the lounge. There was someone playing a piano in the background (yup actually piano playing in the lounge….) there was the warm aroma of coffee mixed with the cold winters breeze coming in when the door was opened and a gentle hum of conversation. Oh yes, I could get used to this haven tucked away from the main hustle and bustle, needless to say I think I may just become a regular. 

Long may the rest of the year be filled with such niceness, although don’t worry I do intent on having a little bit of more outrageous excitement than free coffee, the details of which I will be sure to share as they happen.

Thanks to those of you by the way that have been reading my posts, I already have lots of global views to my name of which I hope you come back.



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