Soundtrack to our lives….

Soundtrack to our lives…. <<< Link to song….

Have you ever heard a song and thought the lyrics could have been written for you?

I know that songs can provoke lots of emotions when it is linked to a memory of a specific time or even just a certain person, but I am on about the actual lyrics and them seeming to fit your life. It might only a be a temporary fit and this can make it really significant and emotional for good or for bad. It maybe be reflective to a time in your life that you can now only appreciate through the medium of the song after the time has passed.

A song which perfectly fitted a time in my life is ‘Hunter’ by Dido. Listen to the song and then imagine me as a young 23 year old trying to get out of a marriage I felt was suffocating me…. It fits that time of my life perfectly and I remember hearing it one day and suddenly getting it. I had the album it was on for years prior to this light bulb moment and never batted an eyelid at the story within it until it applied to me. I honestly believe that it gave me the strength to do what I had to do during that time.

There are many songs at the moment that snippets of it feel like they fit for me, however I am hoping that they soon change again and are replaced by other, more positive and uplifting one!!

I wonder how many more songs I will go through in my life time, or even just the next 12 months. I will be sure to remember exactly what fits when I turn 30 for sure !



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