Coolness declining – These things ACTUALLY happened.


In the space of two hours today all three of the following things actually happened to me. I am seriously concerned that either a) I’m just not cool b) I’m getting old c) both of these.

So firstly, I am in the jacuzzi after a swim and an older man (late 50’s maybe) gets in. I don’t mind being social, bit of small talk never hurt anyone even if it is in a bathing suit. However, I engaged in a full blown conversation about the new Waitrose in the town, how busy the coffee shop is and if the novelty will wear of or if it is a much needed addition to the area…..oh dear.

Secondly, after leaving the gym and going to Sainsbury’s (note; I am not a Waitrose shopper myself) all I had to buy was a Kettlebell (for friend, said I’d pick it up for her,) milk and cottage cheese for myself which I’d forgot in the weekly shop. I was walking around with the kettlebell weighing down one side of me and balancing milk and yoghurts (bought on a whim) when bath towels on offer distracted me, you know when they intentionally put things on the end of the aisle, I put everything down had a rummage for bath sheets which, as I expected, had all sold out (only £3 each…) So I picked up my bits and went to pay and happily left. Later on the drive home considering my options for lunch I realised I’d forgotten the bloody cottage cheese…..all because of bath towels. Idiot.

Thirdly, I nipped into the  small town centre for a quick mooch around, there isn’t a lot going on and there are more charity shops than anything else. The only recognisable chain stores are QDs and Boots (only a pharmacy at that) so I think this speaks volumes of what this town has to offer. Needless to say I often pop in and browse the charity shops to see if I can secure a good find, today was no different, apart from…. wait for it…. I walk in minding my own business and one of the volunteers, comes along side me while I am rummaging the racks and says ‘Hello again’ yep, ‘Hello again’. I obviously frequent them that often I am recognisable. Save me from myself. Please.

So there you have it. Whether you think it is street cred I am losing, coolness,  youthfulness or sanity, you have to admit I am certainly losing something.

Dear oh dear.



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