Interesting yet a little bit terrifying

I am for those of you who have actually been reading my posts (thanks to the wonder of the stats I know there are some!) you may remember me mentioning the book I received for my birthday called ‘F**k it’.

Well yesterday I decided it was time to start reading it, I have been putting it off purely because I am not sure I am ready to embrace the advice contained within its pages….

All for good reason it would seem, I am only 48 pages in and already terrified of how simple to understand the words of wisdom are. The thought of just saying ‘F**k it’ to so many thoughts and feelings about life is shit scary, not going to lie, however, it is so thought provoking and fascinating all at the same time.

I am keen and very interested to keep on reading, today I am too tired to pick it up and carry on where I left off, I am worried that if fall a sleep reading it then it might take over my dreams and the reality of it all is bad enough without having nightmares about it!

It is quite ironic really because if someone had told me a few weeks ago that there is a little paperback book which can change the outlook you have on life for the better…… I’d have marvelled at the idea and novelty of it all, now I have it under my pillow, it’s seems so intense and life changing.

I may well be being dramatic some of you might think, well that’s the way it is for me, for those of you know what I’ve got and recently had going on you would know why learning to say ‘F**k it’ would be so refreshing for me!

I’ll keep you posted……that is if I ever bother to blog again 😉



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