So far so good?

After a few weeks of blogging now and some seriously nice compliments from people I thought I would ask for some reader feedback.

You may (or may not) have noticed that I currently post every other day. Is this too frequent? Should I only be blogging when I have something interesting specific to report?

What about the lengths of my posts, too long, too short?

Content, what’s that up to? Any good? Funny, boring, interesting, oh how about entertaining?

I really would appreciate any comments, either on here or if you have come from facebook you can comment or message me.

I am really keen to maintain this blog for at least a full year, not sure if you have gathered but at least until I turn 30! My aim was obviously to write about me (so please don’t moan I am self obsessed it’s kind of the point) however I do want to be entertaining and even have people look forward to the next installment.

Lastly I wonder if I could ask another favour in addition to the feedback…..if you are already enjoying my posts then maybe you would be willing to share my link and send more people my way. Don’t share the link to this post though as this is a bit boring and business like and not at all reflective of what I am trying to write about on a regular basis. 


P.S Remember I check the stats and know how many people have read this, so if you don’t leave feedback I want you to feel really guilty about not helping me out and contributing to the making of a even fabber blog…..after all it would take less time to comment or message me than it perhaps did to read this in the first place. What’s that I hear you ask, is she trying to emotionally blackmail me? Erm…obviously YES 🙂 Get to it




4 thoughts on “So far so good?

  1. I am new blogger too. Started with new year. I just bounced around your blog a little and love it! I think your frequency is good. I try and post just about every weekday, but I am not sure if I will keep that pace up. I guess maybe adding the widget w the ” Follow me” option might be helpful so it’s easier for visitors to follow? i am no expert in gaining followers. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes. Any tips are welcome!

      • Thanks for your comments and thanks for following… I have no idea about this follow widget you speak of so I best look into it!
        Thank you I’ll have good look through yours too, although I did like what I liked 🙂

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