I really shouldn’t but….

I have a count down and I am going to start wishing the year away!!

I know what you must be thinking, that I have gone mad and suddenly want this year to whizz past and suddenly be 30. Well if I was thinking that then I would definitely be mad, however…. in much more incredible exciting news my very best friend, Emma,  is coming home from New Zealand for a month and I absolutely cannot wait.

It is a little bit disconcerting to be wanting the future to be here now, when basically the last thing I actually want is this year to end (have you gathered that yet from my previous posts or have I been quite sutble?) It is all very confusing really but I am so happy at the news that the plane ticket for her return is actually booked I am almost, only almost,  over looking the fact that the time passing ultimately brings the birthday much closer also. The really, really disconcerting thing is that she left the UK for NZ on 6th October 2011 and it really has flown by, it is always the unnerving truth in what our parents tell us that the older we get the quicker the years pass that makes me recognise I am aging and things really do feel like they change around you rather than with you.

Here is a little breakdown for you that I have done, so I can set the scene and put it in perspective.

Days since she left 489

Days until she is back 114

Days until I am 30    347

So as you can see it really is no time at all until I am reunited with my best friend and we create some more amazing memories to add to our catalogue and I am truly delighted and cannot wait…….


This also means that by the time she goes home a month later we are already going to be half way through the year!! How is this allowed, who is in charge??  I want to savour this year, the days, the weeks, the months…..

I am not quite there yet with the ‘f**k it’ way of life so unless I have an amazing turn around in certain aspects of my life (work, relationships, stress – all for another days blog i’m sure) then unfortunately my sheer delight at at our reunion is sadly tinged with the fear of how quickly life is passing me by.

To add insult to injury and slightly off topic, earlier today my Mum told me I needed to invest in decent moisturiser as she can see my eyes going crepey….wonderful way with words. You can always rely on your Mum to make you feel better.



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