Life appraisal anyone?

It’s that dreaded time of year for me at work where you have to look back over the last 12 months and look at what you’ve done well and what could have been better and how to get there over the next 12 months. The whole time you want to cringe in equal measures at your highlighted moments of self praise and cannot be avoided areas of critique. The joys of ‘Appraisal.’

Although it’s all quite a fascinating process, the appraisal, if you have ever been through it yourself you’ll know what I mean when you cannot quite decide if it is painful or pleasurable. You might get a pay rise or promotion, or you could end up with an improvement plan and increased supervision. You don’t want to seem a brown nosing self loving egomaniac but you also don’t want to seem disinterested, uninspired and lacking motivation to fulfill your potential….sounding familiar?

Well I am not here to go into the ins and outs of what I think I do well and not so well at work, that would be really boring (plus would put you all to shame with your lack of dedication to your cause, only messing, obviously I’m the lazy one)

However I do want to ask if anyone has ever considered conducting such a thorough appraisal of their life? I cannot believe I haven’t considered this sooner, I think it would be truly fascinating if I applied the same effort into reviewing my life, particularly the last 12 months as I did my work.

Below are the six areas which I have to consider for work and they are totally transferable into my life as key areas that maybe I should pay some attention to and see how I think I am getting on. Have a little look and see what you think, ready, I think you could well benefit from considering these areas and the impact they have on not only you but also those you surround yourself with…..see I’m selling it well don’t you think?

Job Knowledge – Erm someone please hand me the job description for the way to live, as I clearly missed them being handed out on my entry in to the world.

Management of Workload – Currently poor…. too much time at work, not enough time at home. Time at home not spend productively. Must try harder.

Taking Responsibility -I don’t seem to know when to stop, mortgage, bills, car, bills, pretty important job, bills, being a good person (it’s hard right?) Yet I hardly cook, clean, look after anyone or act like a grown up out of work anymore.

Communications – HA HA HA…..speak to people, pick up the phone. Don’t communicate all your feelings via the Internet. It might help!

Working with Others – Get on well with friends and family, lacking close working relations with a male species (appears out of my control)

Management and Leadership – I am not yet world leader, must try harder.

Okay, so maybe the answers above are not entirely serious, however talk about food for thought, if I am expected to look so closely at my job and all the effort I put in that and can identify areas for improvement then I think I owe it to myself to apply the same effort to my life out of work, maybe you should too.



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