Wise old words

Whilst mooching round a wonderfully packed antiques emporium yesterday whilst surrounded by some amazing items of such grandeur I came across a small leather bound autograph book.

Having always wanted one as a young child in the hope it could get filled with signatures of the rich and famous I was intrigued to its contents, all the more because I never actually did have one.

It had a note on the inside cover which read

To Brenda, Christmas 1948, from Ida

I was immediately smitten that something so small and still intact could already be 65 years old, the contents now precious to be whatever they said or more importantly whoever had written them.

There were varying entries from what appears to be Brenda’s coastguard father and then her mother, followed by various personnel from the once Raf Sealand to this comment below. It’s so simple and yet so deep all at the same time. I don’t know how old Brenda was when she received this gift but I know that if I was her I would have carried this saying with me. I’ve never heard it before, however be assured I’ll sure to make sure others do.


I love the words her mother wrote also, I shall save those for another time. I have no doubt you’ll have never heard such words of wisdom when it comes to love, stay a follower and you’ll soon see what I mean.



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