Excuse me, apparently we know each other…

Or at least that is what Facebook tells me.

Along with surely millions of others I have Facebook on my phone. A simple little application that makes social networking all too easy at the touch of a few buttons.

Now for those of you that too have said app I am sure you are aware of the constant updating and improvements they make and want to change. Well since my last app update I kept getting asked if I would like my contacts syncing. I had said no for long enough, strongly of the opinion that I was capable of asking those I wanted to be friends with myself and not actually having anyone in my phone book I didn’t care to have as Facebook friends. Seems reasonable I hear you say.

Eventually after this message kept popping up every time I opened the app I decided to just let it do it’s thing and maybe it wouldn’t harass me anymore.

Well, very bizarre and interesting….the amount of people in my phone book who I just don’t like or even know!! Okay I can handle ex flings and people I’ve arranged work stuff with appearing and prompting a phone book clear out (well, a future clear out, actually seems too much effort for a Sunday.) However there were 3 people I had never even heard of, no idea who they are, no idea who in my phone book has changed mobile numbers and theirs has been passed on or reallocated….

Or with my suspicious nature I cannot help but wonder if Facebook is playing games with me, telling my I have random strangers numbers in my phone book…..which when I look up on Facebook I almost find myself wanting to pursue the contact syncing and see what they say about it. After all a local, attractive man with a decent job seems hard to find and suddenly Facebook presents me with one whose number they allege I have.

Are you following all this? Are these ramblings making sense? If so give it ago, sync your contacts and see who you apparently don’t realise you have the number of. 

Also why don’t you let me know if you think I should add my mystery stranger….is it creepy or exciting??



5 thoughts on “Excuse me, apparently we know each other…

  1. I say go for it…add the gent. You never know, with Facebook being so huge, perhaps they know something you don’t. And really, who doesn’t like making new friends? 🙂

  2. I don’t have Facebook, thank god, but I think maybe you should reach out to the mystery stranger – maybe he’s your soulmate. Destiny works in many different ways ! At least it could make for an interesting post!

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