Did he or didn’t he?

I am not going to beat around the bush about the mystery man who appeared from the whole contacts sync fiasco as that would just be unnecessary.

Here it is:

He ignored my friend request and clearly does share the same encouragement and enthusiasm as quite a few of you about how we could be soul mates and how Facebook could be playing cupid and bringing our fate to include one another.

Oh well, I always thought it was a bit far fetched, I really do have some optimistic and encouraging readers though so thanks anyway for your comments. I would be lying if I said I was disappointed because actually I’m not, I’ve recently given up on internet dating and really am not that bothered about having a man in my life when I am still not over the last one!

On a completely separate note (anything to move on from dating) I just wanted to share how amazing it has been to have some sunshine around these past couple of days. I know we are being warned not to be fooled that Spring has fully sprung but it still feels good.. Everyone just seems that bit happier and lifted and I’m certain the big ball of fire in the sky is something to do with it. If a little snippet of Spring is enough to change the mood in those around me I simply cannot wait for it to get a bit more consistent and I have my fingers crossed for a great Summer, let’s face it, it surely cannot be any worse than the wet excuse we had here in the UK last year.

So with out wanting to wish the year away to much, I have at least been reassured how much better sunshine and warmth makes everything and that maybe the Summer getting here won’t be such a bad thing even if it does mean I will be that bit closer being 30!



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