I know, I know – it’s not all bad‏

Every now and again you have your life and problems put in perspective and you have to remind yourself that things could be a lot worse.

Even just from my blog posts I am sure that you have noticed that I can see things in the negative and indeed get blue over stuff quite easily, those that know me know that I go through phases of dwelling on everything and can easy get withdrawn and fed up for a while thinking the whole world is against me. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going through this right now, especially after a really eye opening encounter with someone I very much care for showing a side to them I am disappointed to know they possess let alone inflict on me.

Well along with all the grey and misery I felt I had going on the weather this past weekend matched it. It has been exceptionally cold and snow has made a reappearance after what definitely seemed like the start of spring only this time last week. So you can imagine the joy I endured completing my 180 mile round trip home for Mothers Day, slow and long….worth it thought don’t get me wrong, not just that but I made it, safely and alive. This is my perspective moment taking shape, others are not so lucky.

In the county I live 5 people were killed in 48 hours due to road traffic accidents and the poor weather and driving conditions. Two of those 5 people were a Mother and Daughter, the Mother worked with my colleagues over at another site. As if this double tragedy was not cruel enough for their family and friends, the next day, Mothers Day the partner/Step Father of them died of a suspected heart attack. He worked in the same place with his partner and my colleagues, both were nurses. There is a young man, Son and Brother of this family left to grieve with his wider family and friends who have a triple funeral to plan.

My heart goes out to that family, their friends and their colleagues. I cannot comprehend the level of trauma and loss of this event. I have encountered death and tragedy many people have, every one is life changing and the effects of loss on our lives is immeasurable for most. I am ashamed to admit that it took for me to hear this devastating news to put my life back in perspective and be grateful that my current blues are only men/work/financial troubles. Yes I’m still down, I still feel hurt, broke and very uncertain about my future but I am so grateful for my family and friends around me, living and breathing and even causing some of the stress I face – I wouldn’t change that for the world. I only hope that I can keep the perspective for sometime as I’ve been here before and all too soon I get complacent and the blues return, however I feel deeply my appreciation for my life today and I really hope you all do to.

Hug your loved ones a little bit tighter tonight and remind yourself ‘It’s not all bad’



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