It’s my money and I want to keep it!

This post is nothing like my usual posts I don’t think, so if you have stumbled across my blog for the first time or revisiting because you like my previous work then I am sorry for the lack of entertainment held within, however I could save you a quid or two! Also this bit of financial gain has made me so happy this week that actually I wanted to share it and tell the world (well those that read this anyway.)

This week alone I have done battle with both my water provider and my phone and broadband provider. It seems that both were more than happy to take more money from me than necessary just because they can apparently. 

On querying my annual water bill they very happily admitted that I had been charged an £198 over 12 months because although they had been measuring my usage via a meter I was yet to ask for a metered bill and therefore they were billing me a set annual fee based on unlimited usage. After switching me over and informing me my future monthly payments will be reduced by £20 they stated that my previous 12 months of over payments couldn’t be returned. A very swift complaint and a phone call from the customer relations team and hey presto the £198 is being refunded to me, thank you very much.

Then on checking my monthly phone bill I noticed that the standard rental charges and broadband charge has gone up since my last bill by £10! So once again I picked up the phone to be advised that because my 12 month contract with them had expired I had been placed on standard, in other words expensive, tariff. By the end of the phone call we had reduced the over all monthly cost from £40 to £30 but then because I chose to pay the line rental for the year up from this saved me an additional £50 over the year and leaves just £13.93 to pay a month.

In short over the last two days I have reduced my monthly out goings by £35 without any reduction in my facilities being received, both companies would have happily carried on charging me the higher rates, yet with very little effort were just as keen to reduce them for me.

Please take 5 minutes to look over your bills this month people and see what you can save because you could be much better off as a result!

On that note I feel a holiday coming on…..

Again sorry if you’ve read this far and are some what bored, however those that know me will appreciate my feelings about money and not spending more than I have too.



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