It’s criminal and I’m guilty

It's criminal and I'm guilty

I love the coast, seeing it, smelling it, walking it, swimming it. Being beside the sea and looking at all the vast water that reaches the horizon makes me feel strangely at peace with how small I am in comparison.

Of course I prefer a visit in sunshine when the warmth of the sun vanishes the second the freezing water laps at your feet and the coolness of your picnic vanishes in the rays of the sun. However I still find a visit to the beach fulfilling whatever the weather and I so easily forget this between visits.

Today I had my first visit of 2013, my last year of my 20’s. We are nearly 3 months down and I’ve only just gone. As soon as I stepped out the car and wind swept away the stress of the day I realised how criminal this was. You might think I am being dramatic but my love for the feeling I get in front of this kind of view is amazing, it has cured so many bad moods in the past I think you should be able to bottle the effects and sell it.

To top off my guilt, wait for it, all of this is only a 15/20 minute drive from where I currently live and still it’s taken me 3 months to get there this year.

Have a guess where i’ll be going this weekend.



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