Be sure to tell the fitness instructor about your potato!!

After a very cold and bracing trip to the coast for a very lovely Sunday roast dinner followed by a banana, caramel and honeycomb sundae can you imagine what the last thing I would want to do?

I’ll tell you, attend a fitness class, body pump to be specific. I was a little naive, I don’t mind admitting, when my friend called in the morning to confirm lunch plans and then added that she was going to body pump and did I want to go with her. Of course I did, I had the laziest Saturday and thought that a good Sunday would make up for it.

Suddenly with a belly full of naughty goodness and the class only an hour away I couldn’t think of a worse fate.

With a super quick turn around after arriving back from our lunch trip there was far less time to debate whether to go actually go or not than I’d have liked, so before I knew it there we were setting up our little weights station at the back of the fitness studio.

Now what happened next made the whole ordeal of the class ahead worth it.

I was with my friend Michelle, a lovely Australian lady who during the last 12 months of getting to know her I don’t think there have been too many incidents of language being a barrier (I know she speaks English but you know what I mean) or miscommunication until today……

So right before we set out to have the fitness class from hell on full bellies the instructor asked if anyone had any injuries or conditions to take into consideration to let her know. With that Michelle turned to me and said ‘I better go and tell her about my potato’ I can only imagine how confused I looked at this point before she walked off.

After her brief chat with the instructor I tried to to tell Michelle what I thought I heard her say, I couldn’t get past ‘I thought you said’ before bursting out laughing, this was repeated several times before I gave in and said I’d have to tell her after the class because I just can’t say it.

As soon as the class was over we regrouped and gained composure and enlightened each other to what we were trying to say.

Apparently (not that you’ll be surprised) she wasn’t going to disclose a potato problem but, wait for it, a patella problem!!!

Oh how we laughed.

We won’t be laughing in the morning when the aches kick in.



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