The big one I promised.

I said I was excited about today’s post and that it was going to be a big one, well here it is.

It’s is 300 days until I am 30. Wow, it seems only a short time ago I wrote for the first time in days the countdown, you can find that here. On a super good notes it means its only 68 days until my best friend Emma arrives back for a month in the UK 🙂

This is a big deal. The idea of starting this blog was so I could capture my final year of my twenties was to make sure I took notice of what was happening around me, to me and how I was feeling. I have set a list of things to do before 30, again you find that here, I’ll update in a future post my progress against this.

I’ve already had some real shifts in emotions around my age and getting older since I started, so I am pleased I started this blog as the reflection is there and I appreciate my own blog and hopefully my already strong little following does to.

It’s not just writing my posts that I enjoy though and I do enjoy it, I quite like my way with words and whilst my blog doesn’t always demonstrate my abilities you should read any letters of complaints or official work reports I write, the words come together to create a truly reflective account of facts and feelings. No I have found just as much enjoyment, maybe more from the words of others, I follow a mixture a blogs which I never would have come across if I didn’t have one myself. They are some funny ones, witty ones, offensive ones, ones with photos and all in between.

So already this blog has created 2 positives about turning 30.

1. Reflection of feelings

2. Entertainment from others

I am confident this list will grow as the date nears. Two months down, two positives, lets hope this ratio continues. This is what I am excited about.

I would just like to take this post to mention that a friend of mine (Potato Michelle) is soon turning 30 in a lot less than 300 days, much less. Anyway, I won’t think any different about her afterwards, in the same way I didn’t see any other family or friends differently after their 30th. I completely get that nothing changes from one day to next and that this milestone only represents what you choose it to.

Whether you spend the day itself in bed reading away from the world or decide to celebrate with those around you having fun in any form you want to, you will not change, the event will not define you, just maybe you are more likely to remember what you did that day a bit more than your 27th birthday, who remembers that eh?

Now, my next statement is a biggie… get ready as coming from me, it’s a huge move in the right direction surrounding positive attitude. Once you turn 30, it is done. No more count down, no more dreading what will happen. It will just happen from one minute to the next, suddenly 23.59 will become 00.00 and it will that simple and that significant.

Indeed turning 30 will only be as big or as monumental as I let it be. Fortunately
I have another 300 days to consider my options.



5 thoughts on “The big one I promised.

  1. I love that I am now ‘potato Michelle’ cracks me up each time I think about it!!

    It was put to me tonight that I am now ‘rubbing’ 30 with there being only 20 days of my 20’s left. With the ‘barrel’ closer to the size of a pea shooter than that of a rifle, I don’t dread turning 30. However, I do dread not celebrating it in a way that I won’t regret.

    The pressure is on as I regret my 21st and feel that if I stuff this one up, the next chance I will have to rectify the situation is my what… 50th??? Lets not even go there!

    • Ha ha potato Michelle was merely a reference for my near millions of followers to recall you from before.
      Well tick tock goes those 20 days, if you could do anything, what would it be and can we recreate something close to it on a budget? X

  2. If I could do anything to see in the big day hmmm…. probably go snorkling on some tropical island followed by dinner on a beach watching the sunset. Pretty sure I’m not gonna recreate that whilst its still snowing outside! Also is that really suitable to see in a 30th?? what are you planning for yours???

    • Ok the current weather might make a Norfolk version of that difficult I admit, but yes would suitable if you wanted to. I’d love to be in nz or Mexico on mine. Failing that as its mid week a nice spa day followed by a party on the weekend in a church hall with a disco 🙂

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