What better feeling than…

What better feeling than...

To be full up with Easter Sunday goodness, chilling and surrounded by family.

Went over to my Dad and Step Mums to have a mega Easter sunday roast with my step siblings. Great food and company.

Then after the 3 courses served up by my Step Mum there was still room for Easter cake, well ok after an hour and a sit down.

I made my own cake and due to the fact that we currently in the midst of the coldest Easter in over 100 years it seems only natural to add a snowman to my cake along with the little chicks.

Then it was only natural on return to my Mum and Step Dad to have another slice of cake. Can’t waste it!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter, even with religion aside I hope you are seeing your families and feeling full and satisfied with Easter Treats.

Have fun.



2 thoughts on “What better feeling than…

  1. WHAT IS going on with the weather over there??? Sounds like a perfect way for you to de-stress after your stressful week.

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