893 calories well eaten

Wow I am so stuffed. I am trying to be healthy and watching my calorie in take at the moment and I’ve just eaten 893 calories and I am so full, just goes to show how far you make calories stretch if you put a bit of time and effort in to preparation and cooking, even this only took 20 mins and it was my main meal of the day. I know this is a bit random and off the beaten track of my usual posts but just wanted to share with you.

Oh before I go all boring and list the calories for you though, for my regular followers I’d just like to keep you dated and let you know my numbers of views has reached over 1000, yipee….thanks to all who have contributed.

Oky, so now, drum roll, my dinner for this evening was……

Steak – Rump Steak, 190.0 g 237          
Onions – Raw, 1 medium (2-1/2″ dia) 46          
Generic – Green Pepper, Whole Vegetable, 0.5 whole raw seeded 13          
Mushrooms – Raw, 3 medium 12          
Loose – Courgette, 0.5 Courgette 9          
Generic – Cherry Tomatoes, 6 tomatoes/ 90g 21          
Morrisons Value – Coleslaw, 150 g 171    


Morrisons – White Split Tin Bread 800g, 1 slice (40g) 90
Nestle – Rolo Easter Egg (1/4 Shell), 0.5 shell


Yes it even included half an Easter egg for dessert, woo hoo.


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