Weddings…..lack of them

I’ve been thinking and I’m not sure if it’s just my age or a sign that that my social groups are just all grown up but I have realised that I have no weddings to attend this year.

In place of weddings there will however be BIG birthdays!

In the next two weeks alone I have an uncles 50th and a friends 30th.

Oh dear. Does this signify anything or am I reading too much into this?

Then I started thinking about my ‘failed’ marriage and relationships and if I’ll ever meet anyone for keeps, or should I say that wants to keep me.

So since the end of 2007 I have had relationships, of sorts, with 6 men.

I left 2, 4 left me. Not quite a fair ratio if you ask me 😦

Out of 6 of them guess how many of them have since got married?


Out of 6 of them guess how many of them have since had babies?


Now I don’t want to read into this, however this does kind of make me paranoid I’m just not seen as wife or mother material. Maybe I could go back and ask them, although I am not sure I could handle the answers.

Now you are perhaps thinking that it’s not all bad, that leaves one ex boyfriend who isn’t married or had children….however, he only left me 6 months ago so it’s a little too early for a baby from him, yes I do believe he was faithful and confident there isn’t one on the way yet, well to my knowledge.

All a bit depressing you have to admit, well for me at least. I am genuinely pleased that that the men I once cared about are happy (assumption) and settled. I just hope that one day I can have my happy ending, if I am to assume this won’t happen anytime soon, I guess it is another good thing that will come after I am 30, something else on the Pro’s list of the dreaded birthday!!




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