A night in the life of….you decide?

I thought I would try something different and write an account of a night out from perspective, the before, during and after thoughts and anything of interest in between. The fun bit is I thought I’d let you, my readers and in many case followers (thanks) decide.

So the options are:

My friend Michelle’s (you might remember her from the potato story) 30th Birthday Night out, which is tomorrow, Friday 19th April.


A 1920’s Grangster and Molls Ball, which is Saturday 20th April.

The account will include stories, photos and maybe even videos of the evening. All I am asking you to do, kindly please, otherwise this might fall flat on it’s face, is comment below or on Facebook whether you want the Birthday or Ball. If there are any particular things you want to know about it please add that too, I think it would be cool to make this an interactive post which has been written with a bit of help and influence of you lovely lot!

I hope you like the idea and if so please get commenting, I will go with the majority, in the event of a tie I will go with which ever has the funnest ideas of what to capture. This might be a nice post for your to share with your friends. If this works well I hope to see you all back for more ‘in the life of’ posts in the future.

Thanks in advance!


4 thoughts on “A night in the life of….you decide?

  1. The Grangster and Molls Ball sounds like something I will never get to do in my life so I vote for that! No offense to your friend Michelle and I wish her a very happy birthday!

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