Night in the life of me – 1920’s Charity Ball

Here it is. A night in the life of me, as chosen by some of my readers it was my night at the 1920’s ball which got the thumbs up for a detailed account.

The preparation for this night began long before the day itself, having to find a suitable dress and props to bring the outfit together and to resemble the era a little. The dress came from a charity shop, was 3 sizes to big for me and naturally I chose to wait until the day itself before I altered it to fit, which I need to add was done pretty crudely.

The night before I was out celebrating my friend Michelle’s birthday (this was the other option I could have posted about) and we didn’t get home until 3am. I woke up at 9am completely free from any hangover (benefit of not mixing drinks) and headed into Norwich city centre to collect the last of the props from my friend. I figured I’d be home by lunch time and could spend the rest of the afternoon leisurely prepping my dress and making my headband before getting ready to leave at 6.15pm.

Heading back to my car I got distracted by an event in the shopping centre where I’d parked which was offering lots of free mini treatments to women, one of which was hair curling. Now, deciding what to do with my hair was something I just couldn’tn settle on and even if I did I’m not that great at doing nice things with it myself so I thought that actually the time spent waiting and then getting the curls in my hair would save me stress even if it cost me time. I was there a whole hour… the time I made it home it was nearly 2.30pm oops.

Straight to work on the dodgy altering of the dress and putting together the head band which was much more successful. Once everything prep wise was done I chilled and ate a very late lunch.


everything ready to go

6.15pm I’m dressed, my make up is done and I’m ready to leave.


Ta do

6.45pm I arrive at the venue, outside there is a stretched hummer and it is clear something special is due to happen at the hotel. Inside I meet with some of the people I am going with and we pay lots of compliments to all the effort we have made to look the part.

7pm – We start to filter into the room where the event is happening and we immediately see the casino tables set out which was part of the entertainment plus the bands equipment all ready to go in front of the dance floor. Naturally can’t resist some photos.


7.30-8.30pm More people start to arrive and the rooms fills up. It wasn’t a sit down affair for food, the buffet food came out and people made there way to tuck in. There wasn’t seating for everyone as some people were not eating so by now the event is looking really well attended with not only all the tables full but standing room at now a minimum also. By this point I am already fed up of the long gloves I am wearing slipping down my wrists and the feather boa I am sporting slipping off my shoulders. The cigarette holder I made is long tucked away in my handbag. I’m not really cut out for accessories, I am easily irritated.


buffet spread….everything was carbs!!

8.30 – 9.00pm The ball was in aid of Lets Do It Anyway  a local charity raising funds for projects to to enrich the lives and to put a smile on the face of children and adults affected mentally or physically by a medical condition. The founder gave a welcome and introduction, ensuring everyone knew the purpose of the charity and the importance to dig deep and donate. Everyone was given some free casino money to have a little flutter which of course wetted the appetite and led to additional chips being bought and a gamble being had by many.  To get the ball rolling and people digging deep, the organisers said they had been dared to sing a song and would so if a £100 could be raised by filling a hat with donations, I reckon it took all of two minutes before that sum plus no doubt much more was achieved. The ladies kicked off and began to sing ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ Just as they finished the first verse and the chorus kicked in it became a truly wonderful experience I am proud and privileged to say I could be there for as it was at this point that those in my party all joined in and took to the dance floor in our choir formation to perform the rest of the song. Yes that’s right, a flash mob, it was amazing, the crowd were completely taken by surprise from what appeared to be a simple dare turn into a buzzing peformance by Invidia Voices. The atmosphere was amazing. I hope at some point a video of this will surface and I can share it with you.


roomful listening about the cause

9.00 – 10.00pm After such a buzz from the singing it seemed the perfect time to try my luck on the casino tables. There was no money to be won but there was going to be prizes for those who won the most across the tables and also a final winners tournament for a casino trophy. Needless to say that I wasn’t ever going to get far!! I played a bit of blackjack which was fun once I finally realised what was going on and how the dealers hand was determined. Then I had a much smaller stint on the roulette table, mainly because it is a lot easier and quicker to lose you your chips. Just as I was all out of chips I was told by a guy that I looked like Samantha Giles when  she played Bernice in Emmerdale, obviously I do not see the likeness myself, for a start she is a red head. Then a few minutes later the same guy pulled his waistcoat to the side and asked if I wanted to snap his braces, at first, wondering if this was code for something new to me, I realised he literally meant pull back and snap his braces, in the hope that it might smart him a bit for the previous comment I obliged, odd request looking back, I wonder if he liked it.


dealer shuffling what I hoped would be a winning deck

10.00-11.00pm The live band was a go go. The couple who run the choir are also in the band and they rocked. The dance floor was heaving….I can’t remember the last time I saw so many people throwing shapes and it left little room to boogie but all to the great feeling and vibe of the night. Talking of look a likes I was adamant the drummer looked like Brandon Flowers, people could see it a little but weren’t convinced (either way he was kinda cute.)


not the best shot of the drummer, but he moved a lot. Alex singing her heart out

11.00-11.30pm As the band took a break so did we, a much needed one from all the dancing and for me a second night in a row of wearing high heels, my back was sore and I was very much getting ready to leave for my bed. Everyone retreated off the dance floor and there was a funny mass of boa feathers left in our wake. The raffle was yet to be drawn, so naturally in the hope of winning something, preferably either edible or drinkable we remained and waited for the announcement, although as the time passed it was obvious this could well have been a ploy to keep people.


looks like crows have been culled

11.30-12.00pm The band came back on and the dancing resumed, this time with a lot of singing too as Bryan Adams and Queen were belted out. By now I was nearly dead on my feet, remember I had been out until 3am the night before….I am not cut out for this two days running anymore, yep something else about ageing I’m not a fan off. As midnight came the band came to a close as the venue wasn’t licensed past midnight and all that remained was the raffle……

Midnight – So myself and a choir friend, Rebecca, had been waiting the last hour for this moment and as the long list of prizes and winners were revealed it was not by any means a surprise that we hadn’t won a thing!! We left along with some of our fellow choirs members who were heading out for more drinks, neither of us could face it. I gave her a lift home and continued my journey tired but buzzing from what was a brilliant night which I hope raised much needed funds.

Shortly before 1am I crawled into my bed and sunk deep into the mattress before sleep came and took me a way.

I really enjoyed my night, I hope you did too. Thanks for reading.



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