Just get naked already!

A newspaper which will remain nameless as I am ashamed that I still read it considering how trashy the content can be and how annoying most if their stories are, today ran a story which I find hard to believe. As a single 29 year old I am sure that I cannot be the only one who thinks this is surely wrong…..

‘Half of British women dread baring their bikini belly at the beach more than getting naked with a new man for the first time’

The information was gathered from a poll and 45 % said they dreaded a bikini on the beach more than getting naked with a new partner.

This just doesn’t seem right, if it is right then I definitely need a dose of their confidence or some tips on exactly how getting naked in front of a new man could be less daunting that stripping down to your bikini on a beach….full of other people with only swim wear on and lets face it there are plenty of other people around you to ensure you are not singled out and centre stage. Now each to their own but I am kind of hoping that when I  get naked with a new fella that we will be the only ones there and I very much will be the centre of his attention and both eyes will be on me, HELLO –  nerves, lack of confidence, shyness, coyness and a bit of giggling.

I can only assume that these ladies think turning out the light and jumping under the duvet counts as getting naked. Where is the fun in that. I can only hope that I get so caught up in the reason for getting naked that the afflictions I listed above do not have time to surface, oops cheeky 😉


4 thoughts on “Just get naked already!

  1. I have to agree with the stat. Getting naked at the beach is daunting bc it’s bright and strangers are staring. Hopefully new guy in bed knows you enough to not care or to set aside criticsm since he’s about to have sex. And new guy is easily distracted in private, whereas beach goers have nothing else to do but stare and debate whether or not you look better than they do 🙂

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