The one where they all turn 30


Yesterday I was minding my own business flicking through the TV channels when I came across a classic friends episode. Now who doesn’t like watching the 6 lovable friends in one of the many episodes which have previously aired our screens. I’ve got the box set (which fan hasn’t) and usually would smile and laugh at the antics. 

However, the episode I happened to catch was ‘The one where they all turn 30’.

It’s Rachel’s 30th Birthday and she is far from impressed, it seems I share more than just a name with the character as I was reminded of her sitting around crying in her PJs and her friends just not being able to make her feel better as they all look back and reminisce about their 30th birthdays.

To say I could relate with what she was saying is an understatement. 

As if the theme of the episode was not enough I was then reminded just how old Friends is now, that it started nearly 20 years ago and that if it was still going then Ross’s son Ben would be 18!!!

Oh dear. I no I haven’t had much to write for a while but this was more than enough to make me snap back and blog about it. Urgh.



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