Unfinished business

You may have noticed that my last post was poorly written and came to an abrupt end.

Wonders of modern technology teamed with lack of access to it. Basically I was trying to update from my phone without WiFi in an area with poor signal and without finishing and then checking for errors as usual I hit save and was able to then amend anything. The joys of spending time in a small coastal village!

Well today I’m making the most of free WiFi whilst eating my lunch in the local pub.

I was hoping this holiday would be full of sunshine and time on the beach instead I’m inside reading in front of this…..close second best I guess.


I’ve only a night left on my little solo trip, It’s given me the time and space I needed to make an important decision about the next chapter for me. I’m hoping It’s going to be a good one.

I’m thinking that blogging frequency may return to what it mar before, finally feeling a bit more focused and also realised I really enjoyed my posts on here. I’ve got a good one coming up I feel after an experience yesterday with a charming young man called Edwin. Trust me though when I say it’s not anything as exciting as you’re perhaps thinking 😉


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