Sweet, sweet Edwin

In my last post I briefly mentioned a man called Edwin who I said I would tell you about, so today is that day.

Last Wednesday I was approached by a man in the street wearing a bright red hoodie and a woollen hat. He said I looked like a very nice person and would I let him talk to me. Feeling like the nice person he so accurately identified me as I said yes he could, he immediately thanked me, said I’d restored his faith in humanity and could he please hug me. Naturally I said yes, who doesn’t want a hug from a cute, oh haven’t I mentioned that already, yes cute guy who has just paid you about 3 compliments in 30 seconds. He was keen for me realise that naming any future child Edwin wouldn’t be popular with the child once they realised that the name was not cool, he begged me not to inflict the name on anyone else, I agreed.

I’m sure you have already guessed that Edwin was a charity worker, Red Cross specifically (either that or you thought he was crazy!) I think that it’s a very worthy cause and seen he was such a charmer I let him give me the speech. He was talking about the need to provide communities who rely on a village water well the ability to purify dirty water when they lose the well due to either natural disaster or war. Quite a basic need water I hear. 

There are hundreds and thousands of charities out there competing for the attention and contribution from the public which makes it hard for people like me who want to help but can’t help them all.

After listening to Edwin, who was very passionate and obviously very good at promoting the work of the charity he started using the analogy about buying a cup of coffee a week for them and about how many people that one cup of coffee could help in terms of clean water. I was completely sold on buying just a cup of coffee a week and helping so many, so on the spot I handed over all my personal details and committed to supporting the Red Cross. 

On collecting my details and specifically my date of birth the nice young man said to me ‘ah it’s not that bad’ of course referring to being nearly 30. He told me he was 27 and that getting old was ok….2 years younger than me, he has no idea how different you feel 2 years later starting 30 in the face.

Anyway…..the whole point of this post and how sweet Edwin was is this. He asked me if I had kids, he said he didn’t mean it to sound like it was a bad thing that I hadn’t had children yet, although I assure you it made me feel bad that I didn’t have any and that I had to confirm I was a ‘Miss’. He went on to say that he was broody, I have never heard a guy say he was broody before, let alone a cute youngish guy. He said that although he was broody and that his father was keen to become a grandfather that he wouldn’t be rushing into anything when he want’s his children’s mother to always be in his life……cue all the women reading this ‘awwing’ and all the men ‘grimacing’.

How sweet is that….completely restored my faith in men (for about 5 mins anyway)

There you have the super sweet Edwin, who not only works for a charity, compliments women in the street, makes peoples heart melt with mushy desires all whilst standing there in a woolly hat.

Almost perfect…..apart from clearly living at the opposite end of the country and the fact that once he submitted my details electronically via his phone device thing to head office all my personal details would be wiped off it, damn.

Oh well, he said to expect a follow up call which would include someone asking for feedback on how Edwin did and came across…..maybe I’ll leave my number with them to pass on 😉



3 thoughts on “Sweet, sweet Edwin

  1. Aww! He does sound sweet. Or he is a really good salesperson. Maybe when the feedback call comes ask them to relay to him that next time he is in town you can show him around or something… also I had to google “broody” haha.

  2. Cute post. And I promise you 30 isn’t so bad. When I was 29 lots of friends a few years older told me their early thirties were the best years of their life, and it seriously looks like turning out that way for me too!

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