Busy little bee!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am super busy at the minute with all manner of things going on right now, some exciting (yay) and some not so (boo) but all the same busy busy.

This is really just a little interim post between real posts to keep you updated (interested) and to give you an idea of what the next few weeks will bring, not only in my life but also therefore on my blog.

Firstly….I will get round to being gracious and thanking Jess over at WOAW properly over the next few days for my exciting little ‘super sweet blog award’ that she nominated me for and my response to it.

Then I am going to offer up a nice new count down of exciting things that are in the pipeline. I will then look at reviewing my list of things to do before I am 30 and let you know how that is going, if you haven’t seen it yet you can check it out here so you know what I’m talking about.

This weekend there is a big family weekend planned, which I hope will bring some bloggable stories to report for you, we are a fun bunch when we are all together!

So that’s my tide you over post done until I get some real time to sit in front of this screen (it’s cracked I need a new one!) and write something a little more worthy of your time, oh and because I haven’t done so for a while I will say thank you to all my followers, the numbers are still growing and I am super happy to get new ones, so if you are reading this for the first time, either drop a comment and say hi or follow me for the more bloggable future posts.

Oh and a sneaky tip I picked up on to get some new and increased views is to mention anything sex related and as I have a post about a hot Virgin experience I might as well suggest you read that while your here…. you are likely to be disappointed 😉



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