Second time is Sweeter

So a little while back I received my first blog award nomination, the beautiful blogger award, well whilst I’m grateful for that one, I’m super stoked about the latest one I just got. Yeah that’s right, my second and just how sweet it is…(award badge below demonstrates just how ….


I love cake and I love blogging

Massive thanks goes out to Jess at Waiting on a Word who has totally accepted me as her Baby Blogger Sister and well what can I say, it’s a privilege to have you as the Older (slightly) and World (and word) Wiser one 🙂

Her blog is full of a variety of topics really, from her daily life, aspirations and fiction and photo challenges. What I enjoy most I think about Jess’s blog is her love for writing it and the joy it brings her as well as the joy to everyone else and I think her post on when she thought it was all over captures this well, head over and read that post here.

Now then on …


1-Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you. Done.

2-Answer the five super sweet questions (below).

3-Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post (above). Done.

4-Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other bloggers.

5-Notify your nominees on their blog.


1-Cookies or Cake? – Depends on the cookie…Depends on the cake, but really I’d eat anything.

2-Chocolate or Vanilla? – Oh that’s a hard one….yeah right, Chocolate, all day everyday.

3–Favorite Sweet Treat? – Terrys Chocolate Orange, hands down favourite.

4-When do you crave sweet things the most? In the evening, usually it follows a few days of being really good and eating healthy and then it’s like ‘suger…..feed me sugar!’

5-Sweet Nick Name? My Uncle used to call me ‘Ratbag’ and ‘Rascal’

Now is the time to nominate some great blogs for this award themselves as per rule 4. However as I have noticed on several posts and as I think, it is much more acceptable to nominate a number from those I follow that I think deserve this, so If i nominate you it not just for the sake of it!

So here I go….

Firstly Dara over at Brunch for Every Meal is someone who is not afraid to say how she feels and share her opinion, seriously, she’ll tweet whoever she wants about whatever she feels. I love a bit of honesty in the world, who doesn’t. I recently enjoyed a post her views a dating website which made me chuckle first and then worry about my own online dating attempts, you can check that post out here.

Now Caitlin doesn’t blog as often as i’d like to read her posts on The Siren’s Tale but hey I respect that and each post is worth the wait. I liked the mixed bagness of the content and well without trying to follow a pattern I loved this post about relationships even if I can’t quite follow the advice yet!

Again somebody else’s blog I could view more than they post, but it’s fine because each post is filled with enough photos to get you through to the next one over at Katy’s Happy Little Somethings. Her love for her camera is clear and the result of this is simple beautiful photography, I hope she knows how good she is!  Her latest post is actually quite appropriate considering it’s about CAKE!

Now this next blog…be warned is not just sweet but super sweet and super cute. Not even much to say other than Globe Trotter Kiu follows the adventures of a cute, fluffy, plush in photos! I particularly love these photos. It’s in french too.

The last blog I am going to nominate is funny one being single, more specifically Reasons Why I am still Single. Yeah I know what you are thinking…..another one about relationships…or lack of them. What can I say. This blog is simple and to the point and if the reasons Calhoun lists are real then even better. This one made me smile..

So there we have it my list of nominations. I know that these blog awards don’t always get a full response, that’s fine, each to their own, but at least you now know how I feel about your blogs!


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