2, 3, 6, 11, 19, 114, 238 ….. Can you figure it out?

It’s the next count down!

You may have been around long enough to remember the first countdown that I did, you can find it here if not. It covered two main things. My best friend Emma coming back to visit from New Zealand and my 30th Birthday.

I published the post in February and at the time it seemed like miles away…. well here it is updated but I’ve got a few more things going on and I thought I would add them in the mix too just because I said I had stuff going on and this is a quick and simple way to let you know about them so…

Last day in current job…               2 days YIPPEE

Move into my house…                   3 days mixed feelings but good

Emma is home from NZ…              6 days That’s right just 6 little days

Emma and I rock London…          11 days going to be so much fun

I start my new Job…                      19 days fingers crossed nerves don’t appear

Holiday in Malta…                          114 days now this one I would happily hurry up!

The big 30 birthday…                     238 days, this fortunately feels a long time off, phew!

Busy and fun times ahead in the short term, can’t wait!


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