Few hours solo

Tomorrow I head to London to spend a few days with best friend Emma. We have seen each other since she arrived home, which has been lovely, however I’m really looking forward to our trip to London. We intend to have a very touristy time despite the number of times we’ve been before. I can’t wait to share some photos and stories with you, plus the weather is due to stay gorgeous which is just brilliant and will make it so much more holidayesque.

The thing is I arrive just after midday at King’s Cross station and will have a few hours on my own before meeting Emma who will be on a hen party and with some other friends until late afternoon, so the question is what should I do by myself.

Anyone got any recommendations, of things that don’t take too long but are totally worth doing yet enjoyable alone. Otherwise I’ll be settling for a long lunch outside just watching the world go by, yes I know that itself sounds pretty blissful!

Make sure you comeback for some stories, or if you like the Facebook page you’ll see some photos and updates along the way. I’m confident about something on my list being achieved šŸ™‚


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