London = Fundon

I have just woken up from a 3 hour afternoon nap, this is how tiring my trip to London was, considering I went to sleep before 9 last night and had nearly 12 hours you’d think I was over it, I am just about.

Firstly I’m just going to get it out there that the promised sunshine was a huge let down. We hardly saw it at all and the open top bus ride was a bit chilly as a result considering both Emma and I had refused failed to pack a jumper let alone a coat.

We did lots of sight seeing on the open top bus, we had a river cruise, we went to M and M world, we walked miles, we shopped down Portabello Road and Oxford Street, we went to see Viva Forever the musical and ate plenty! There were laughs a plenty too the entire trip.

We stayed in a really nice aparthotel which was brilliantly located, just ten mins to Victoria on foot and 5 to Oxford Street on the tube. So we got around without any problems or too much wasted time.

It felt like we were there both for ages and for no time at all, you know when you are busy you get so much done but also the time flies.

I think the moment that created the most laughs (aside from the hilarious Viva Forever) was when I mentioned to Emma my Dad had told me who was headlining at the King’s Lynn festival, Emma asked me who, I told her Blue, she said she wouldn’t bother getting there early to see them then. A bit confused as this festival is after she leaves for New Zealand again it was apparent there must have a misunderstanding, turns out Emma thought I said King’s of Leon who she is going to see in concert soon…..we were in hysterics (me more than her) on the tube of all places, you know the place where no one smiles or talks to each other yet here we were giggling our heads off.

There is so much I am sure I could tell you, but pictures paint a thousand words, so just enjoy the following, anything you want to know just ask!


Viva Forever at Piccadilly Theatre


Tower Bridge from the Thames


Clock Tower with London Eye


Us at Tower of London


Emma buying M and Ms


Abbey Road M and Ms


Patriotic M and Ms


Our City Cruiser Boat Ride


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