Fountain of Youth.

Well I think everyone knows my blog is about hurtling towards 30 and I loved reading this!! Especially love the photo quotes 🙂

The Siren's Tale

If we all had a dollar for every time we heard an age-related cliché or quote, none of us would be sitting at work on a beautiful Friday (personally, I’d be holed up in a Tuscan café, rich with the scent of espresso and dreams). However, most of these quotes and pieces of “knowledge” are typically geared toward aging women and their fears attached to losing youth.

old age collage

I currently reside in between the young and old category. I’m slightly too old for the young adult label and I have experienced too much to saddle up with the young group. In other words, my life is filled with adult responsibilities, but restrained by the “growing years” of youth.

Despite sitting awkwardly in the late-twenties but not-quite-thirty category, I spend most days being treated, viewed, and addressed as a youngster. While this can do wonders for my physical…

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