Breakfast in Bed for three

My best friend Emma is still here visiting from New Zealand and last night we went out with a third friend Sam for some much needed drinks, laughter and dancing.

The night didn’t start out quite so happening, there was meant to be 7of us going out, then only 5 made it on the night and then 2 of them left before 11 even though our return taxi was booked for 2am and paid for.

As the saying goes ‘It’s quality not quantity that counts’ and it couldn’t have been more true this circumstance.

We had a blast. I was the only under 30 in the group and this was a stark reminder that age really sometimes is just a number. As the 3 of us get on so well and have such similar interests and values, whilst we all very different personalities and our friendship is based on how we compliment each other and that works well when we are together and equals a great time, age isn’t a factor. In fact Sam who was the third girl with us has her birthday less than a week after mine and she’ll turn 40 just after I turn 30. If I’m still going out and having night like last night in another ten years then I’ll be thrilled!

The night was just going great and once we were into the spirit of it we even tried to put our taxi booking back to 3.30am, despite me initially doubting I’d make it past midnight. Needless to say the taxi firm were booked solid and could only honour our booked slot. I think this was a blessing as it was still gone 3.30am by the time we’d grabbed take away food,  had a chat and a giggle and finally went to bed, this easily would have been 5am otherwise and whilst I don’t really get hang overs I do get tired and lack of sleep makes me not only a little grumpy but also sickly, which considering I am pretty sick already at the minute wouldn’t have been pretty.

Needless to say that this morning was full of laughter again remembering the night before and looking back over old pictures. I laid awake in bed in the room next door and could hear them giggling their heads off at the fact that Emma had uploaded what had been branded as a ‘regrettable drunk upload’ onto Facebook. It was hilarious, I took the photo and pretended to upload it to FB on Emma’s Ipad to which she then confirmed the upload but then immediately deleted it….. or so she thought. Ha ha there was some shocked people I am sure checking out theirs news feed. Once the laughter had subsided Emma finally deleted the photo, hopefully before her Dad saw it…..that’s all I’m giving away! 

This was the best possible end to the night out, the morning after the night review over breakfast in bed with two of the best girls I know. Ladies, thank you x





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