Exciting news x 2!!

Okay so two pretty exciting things have happened to me over in the last week.

Firstly, another blogger Laura over at ‘Now that I am in My 30’s’ started a blog prior to turning 30 also and starting writing a document about it, well with support and encouragement from her friends this document later became a book! I know, good for her right? Not just has she written a book but she wants to add thoughts, feelings and experiences from others and has invited me to contribute! How amazing, I never would have thought that my blog would lead to this opportunity being presented to me.

Now I do not want my contribution to be all doom and gloom and I want to make it something to be proud of, so here lies the problem….I am yet to write a damn thing and the deadline is looming….I will get it done, I just feel a little bit of pressure to be true to myself while representing myself in a light that potentially could reach A LOT of people. I’ll obviously keep you posted and hopefully at some point being able to share my ‘snippet’ of the book.

In other, completely unrelated but totally amazing school girls dreams are made of this stuff, I got a Instagram like from someone who I love!!! Shane Lynch famed for his part in the Irish boyband Boyzone (who were my number one choice at school) went through my Instagram and liked a photo. I started following him after a male friend of mine got a like on his Drift Car page, Shane is involved in drift racing and therefore my friend does know him as an acquaintance. Now my mate Matt knows I might have a little soft spot for Mr Lynch and I think was trying to show off that his photo got a like, then hey presto I followed Shane and he obviously couldn’t help a little nose which resulted in yours truly having her very own ‘week at the knees’ with excitement moment. Phew…….just relived it all by typing it.

Here is the said photo and evidence of his obvious love for me.



The last time I went to see Boyzone in concert (yes there has been plenty of occasions) I was a few rows from the front and I took photo of Shane, who clearly saw this and put his thumb up to me to ask if I got it ok….seriously, he looked righted at me for another shot, here it is.


It’s a photo of a photo, couldn’t find the original digital!

Obviously…I loved him even a little bit more from that moment on.

Good times people!


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