Explain yourself young lady!

Erm no, actually I won’t.


I mean it….

I’m not saying I won’t tell people what I think or what I want but in doing so I seem to no longer feel the need to justify myself. I wonder when that changed. 

I definitely remember a time where I would get on the defensive, think of as many reasons as possible as to why I thought something or why I had done something. Now days I’m just happy doing and saying what I want and not caring too much about what others think ( I say too much because of course I’m not malicious or wanting to be rude or hurtful in my actions)

I can’t decide if this is something that has come with age and maturity or it is just a change in my character as the person I am has developed. Either way I like it, that I am happy in confident in my decisions and that if I do get things wrong I am more able to deal with the consequences of those actions, I’m guessing that is down to more worldly wise.

Anyway’s that just a thought I’ve had today which I thought was worthy of a share.



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