Big Willy advice

Firstly shame on you who thinks this is going to be a dirty post about sex or porn. Obviously big Willy advice relates to words of wisdom from the one and only Will Smith and on this occasion about pawns.

Yesterday I was reading an interview he did when I realised how simplistic something he said was about life.

My father taught me how to play chess at seven, which taught me that everything you do in your life is a move. You wake up in the morning then go out into the world. You’ve made a move and the universe will then respond with their move. So, whatever move you’re going to make in life, you have to accurately assess the next couple of moves.

How much simple sense does that make.


Sometimes actions have consequences and those consequences can only happen by the action you take to allow them to. From the other view opportunities may only present themselves when the moves we make allow them too.

Maybe life really is all about the individual moves we make which shapes the moves of others around us.

Food for thought.


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