You know what drives me crazy?

No internet.

We live in 2013 and as much as I hate relying on technology for things I still do. Internet is definitely one of those things.

I can’t watch netflix, I can’t watch Jenna Marbles lasted YouTube video, I can’t online bank, I can’t blog effectively (hence no posts for ages) and most frustrating I can’t do any work.

Working from home is pretty cool usually, well I can tell not now its amazing uncool when you have as much internet capacity as would fit in a flea’s head.

Tomorrow I should be getting a call to arrange an engineers visit…. This will be day 5, I have called them the last 3 days. Why do they make it so difficult. I pay for a service and I expect it, ok usually it’s just fine and not a problem but then when it is I expect it to be fixed, for me to have one conversation with one person…..

Argh, rant over.

I hope after all this you can actually read this post which I’m tediously going to try and upload from my phone.

Normal service will hopefully be resumed as soon as possible.


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