Horror Dates

Firstly I must make it perfectly clear that these stories are not personal ones, thank goodness, however I thought they were so bad they were funny and just had to share, because as they say, things could be worse.

Firstly how about the guy so twitchy and clearly on something due to his odd behaviour and needs to go via his house over the evening. As if this wasn’t odd enough he kept getting phone calls and wanting to be somewhere else until someone he knew turned up and gave him a box which he claimed to be a pair of sunglasses, on yet another trip back to his house just so he could get a sweater, Miss Datee snuck a peek in the box which he left on the the side, obviously she did not reveal sunglasses but a very suspiciously wrapped package she only assumed was drugs. A quick departure was had.

Same girl, different guy, not a first date but about 3 weeks in. They are out in a pub having a drink when her friends appear and stop by to say hello. Once they leave he makes the comment that ‘he hates black people’ as you can guess her friends were black hence the timing of the comment. Now being racist is pretty dumb and stupid on any occasion however this guy clearly was just that bit thicker and ignorant about the world. She, his date, is mixed race. What a twat. (sorry but worthy)

Needless to say the date and relationship was cut very short.

I’d just like to add these are completely true and recent stories. I just cannot wait to jump right into dating again, will be a barrel of laughs right?



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