When the time is right

I really feel like writing, there is little else to do

People failing to attend my appointments they just can’t seem see them through

I wonder where they are, what keeps them from my time

Is it really more important than keeping them from crime?

Not just crime alone but drugs and alcohol too

If you were in their shoes what do you think you would do

Being unemployed and addicted to something bad

Even if they do turn up they usually turn up sad

Although they want to change very few are ready

With very chaotic lives they must wait until they feel steady

Steady enough to cope with the withdrawals and temptation

It is far from an easy ride and one they fear from contemplation

What if they can’t do it, give up the bad that makes them feel good

They really struggle to make the changes even know they know they should

How do I feel being stood up, annoyed they do not see me?

Not at all it’s to be expected, it is the nature of the job you see

For while they may not be ready for change and start their journey today

I have faith that when the time is right they will truly find their way

For the journey of recovery can sometimes be long and unknown

However when they start it enables to see how they have grown

Once they start their steps to a healthier and more positive life

That is when you realise you do your job without strife

For todays failed appointments maybe out there getting a hit

Even though it doesn’t bear to think about if they use dirty kit

Or drinking to oblivion to forget and to numb the pain

It doesn’t matter how many times they feel bad they’ll do it again and again

But whats keeps me here is faith and confidence that when the time is right

They will be here ready and willing when they have seen the light


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