Nothing wrong with a bit of bulk

I have had a weird week, busy work wise at the start, then really quiet at the end with boredom the only option going. In the middle of the week I met a lovely hot american guy who provided some much needed distraction but then that’s maybe why the rest of the week seemed so boring in comparison.

Now I don’t expect online dating to create the worlds greatest love, I mean I am open to it but it doesn’t mean I think it will necessarily happen, which is why when hot american said he wasn’t looking to get involved and didn’t want to lead me on I said that it was cool and that it’s much better to upfront, it’s my style and he agreed and that was that. I was a little disappointed because he wasn’t a weirdo and I’d of happily seen him again but it was nothing arranging a date with the next guy (fireman and toy boy) couldn’t cure. Dinner and drinks tonight sorted.

Although as with all levels of rejection, regardless of the scale I did spend sometime pulling myself apart wondering what it was about me he knew wouldn’t be for him, only human right? I obviously don’t know the answer, I’m going to presume its some thing to do with me being English and that maybe it’ll take him a few more attempts at dating us before he realises we’re not the American dream he is perhaps used to.

I wanted to do something that would make me feel better about myself, so naturally once the next date was lined up I shot out a load of messages to my friends and updated them very nonchalantly about the goings on. After some gossiping to and fro from people I still felt a bit off about the whole thing and I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to bulk cook and get a little tipsy.

Lo and behold 2 hours later, 6 freezer containers full of food and nearly half a bottle of some moonshine style spirit I was given I felt hugely satisfied with myself. I mean what better way to spend a friday night than filling a freezer for one with meals made for two……oh dear. At least I had fun, when did such an evening become so appealing, is it age related, is it oldness setting in or is was it just self preservation?


Either way I’ve decided that cooking in bulk is definitely the way forward for wholesome meals at a more convenient time. Shame I don’t have anyone to share them with yet.

Fingers crossed for tonight!


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