School friends….gather round!! We’re all in

So it has happened, all my friends from school, in my academic year are in the last year of their 20’s. We are all on an even keel being 29.

Not for long though, obviously, because as no sooner does the end of August mark the last birthdays taking place September will bring new ones, no hanging around either my first school friend turns 30 on the 2nd Sept, she is having a party soon and so it begins.

Everyone who I went to school with will be turning 30 over the next 12 months, some before me, some after me but let me assure you it’s happening and there is nothing we can do to change it.

Some are married and have kids, some only have 1 others are up to 4 already, how is that even possible, where have the years gone! There are a variety of professions among us from being a teacher back at the primary school we started in, being in the police force, nursing and healthcare feature too as does working for the local authority, others are making headway in fashion some in beauty or hairdressing, plus many more!

Not everyone is local anymore, not by a long way, those who started out in secondary school in a small Lincolnshire town have spread far and wide, Australia, America, Greece, Germany not to mention the many UK destinations they’ve gone on to populate, London, Norfolk, Devon, Wales, Cambridgeshire to name just a few.

Everyone has been through births, deaths and marriages, some already divorces, good times, bad times no doubt lots of sad times.

Everyone is different, some will have achieved what they wanted while some surpassed themselves, others not being where they wanted but not disappointed at their outcomes. Disappointment no doubt for some and nothing but pride for others.

However despite all the possibilities of where people are and what they are doing, right now they are all 29.

We have this in common and as we all stare 30 in the face, some more up close than others I would love to know how you all are feeling, so even if you have never read this blog before or you have read it every time but just like to keep to yourself, I ask if you would kindly let me know how you are feeling right now,  be it a comment on here or facebook, a message if you don’t want the world to know, or how about just a like, let me know you’ve read this, I’ve reached you and you are out there doing ok.

Hope to hear from some of you soon, please feel free to share this post with others you know who we went to school with, because lets face it, I can’t reach everyone alone.

Ps I’d like to dedicate this post to Philippa for being my youngest oldest  friend – Happy 29th Birthday sweet cheeks


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