Feeling just a bit ‘you know’

I can’t really describe how I feel, I’m just feeling a bit ‘you know’

People actually say this don’t they and you don’t really know what they mean but you do when you feel it.

It’s almost like feeling a bit of nothing, I’m not really super happy at the minute despite having some nice things to look forward to in the near future, catch up with friends over lunch, birthday party a weeks sunshine holiday, a spa day. Yet although not really happy I’m not sad either. I’m that middle nondescript ground, you know?

I am grateful and appreciative of the good things in my life yet a bit dwellful (is that a new word?!) of the not so good things. It is weird but I know I don’t like feeling like this and feel a bit like it’s my sparkle I’ve lost.


For example, I can honestly say that if someone I loved came up to me right now and told me they’d just won the lottery and they were going to be me a new car i’d just say ‘cool, thanks’. There would be no fireworks.

I’m wondering what it is I am brooding over and what is obviously playing on my mind, because although I cannot think of anything obvious something is making an impact.

Do you ever feel like this, is there usually a reason or even better what is it that snaps you back and would make you run around like a loon on the news a free car from your newly rich relative?


5 thoughts on “Feeling just a bit ‘you know’

  1. Rachel- you have a case of the blahs. Ugh. I am right there with you. Things that I try to use to get out of it: food (probably not the healthiest thing), music, binge watch a new television series, read The Notebook for the gazillionth time and have a good cry, buy something pretty for myself, get a haircut. I don’t know. Things feel yuck sometimes. Ruttsville.

    • Your comment promptly made me cry!! Tonight I feel a bit of solo drinking and kitchen dancing will be in order hope it lifts the fog a little!

    • Kind of yeah and had a lovely weekend full of friends and family but then couldn’t sleep on Sunday night and my brain had other ideas, sadly I think it may be man influenced which I am very unimpressed about!!!

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