The relief of being diagnosed

You know when something isn’t quite right and you just can’t put your finger on it. Well I’ve been suffering with some respiratory issues since the New Year and surprisingly I am still having on going hospital tests to get the bottom of it. However…..what I am writing about is that I was just reading Dara’s blog over at Brunch for Every Meal and she mentioned she has ‘resting bitch face’ now this is a term I have never heard before but I instantly knew I was a sufferer. I looked it up on urban dictionary just to make sure.

My most recent and pretty memorable incident of this being apparent was when I was waiting in line to get into a night club and the guy behind us in the queue told my cousin that I was okay looking and all that but it would be nicer if I didn’t look so miserable. Charming.

Anyway, as this is clearly a recognised condition I’d appreciate a little sensitivity from now on thank you.

p.s I feel have to apologise just incase anyone is offended, if you are don’t watch the video.


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