And it ended like this

So as my head hit the pillow and my body sunk into my mattress at 1am I thought to myself there was no greater place I’d rather be than home.

The last half hour of the drive had been the worst, I was tired and my eyes were sore from the crying and wearing contacts all day, plus my car suddenly felt like driving a tank compared to the rare treat I’d just had of driving Alanna’s car home unexpectedly back from Leicester to Peterborough. Me, behind the wheel of her lovely Audi A3, who’d have thought it? Not me, not even in the last 10 minutes before I found myself behind the wheel. We got back to Alanna’s were I finally went to the toilet, a whole 4 and half hours later after I announced I was so desperate I was going to wet myself, thank goodness I didn’t….

We tried to sort out bags out in the dimly lit car park where we had just been dropped off, not before we had our photo taken with the police car, I felt it was the least we should do to remember our eventful night, the police were more than willing to take our photo and were even arguing over how to work the camera, men! Photo taken, police departed, we gathered our own belongings loaded back up our cars, said our goodbyes and promised next time would be different.

Alanna failed and I did not.  Even though I thought we drank a similar amount, obviously her teeny frame was making hard work of processing the alcohol whereas my chubby butt made very light work of it. Kate passed too, good job as there was only three of us for the two cars so at least she got to drive herself back home. I dread to think what the people who could see us was thinking, however at the time I was just past caring. I was thankfully covered on my own insurance, another good job otherwise that would have just made the night even longer, but thankfully it was 11pm and we were homeward bound.

Alanna definitely said she now knew how Jesus felt my being told there was no room as the inn, after a little chuckle she realised she meant Joseph, despite how they felt over 2000 years ago all I knew was that I felt well and truly fed up and spent. A whole hour the police had been driving us three girls round in the back of their patrol car trying to find us some place to stay since 10pm, I kept asking them if they had better things they should be doing on a Saturday night but they assured us we were their priority, well if nothing else made me feel a little special, a man hadn’t made me his priority for long enough never mind two at once, I was as good as gold honest, no flirting here siree none whatsoever. Nowhere to stay was even worse news, what were 3 girls with overnight bags going to do in the middle of the city centre with all the hotels fully booked, I could have cried all over again until one of the Police officers suggesting breath testing us, clever man.

Honestly, never before, this was my first time in the back of a Police car, squashed in the middle of Alanna and Kate. Big sighs and little sobs between actually quite a lot of laughter, oh well what else were we supposed to do. The hotel was adamant we had to leave and it was only getting later nearly 9pm, what with them threatening to call the Police again, we figured it made more sense to admit defeat, it was just pure chance the Police were in the street for something else and we soon got them on side. I’m not quite sure how through the tears and the shouting but they listened and they were sympathetic and most importantly they saw the misunderstanding. They understood I wasn’t a thief, even when they spoke with the hotel and confirmed that they had been called to the theft incident earlier in the afternoon, he gave me only an incident number and made a big thing that it wasn’t a crime number. This very nice Police officer didn’t have a nice word to say about the chain of hotels, suggested I wrote a very strong letter of complaint, which I most certainly was going to do, it wasn’t just not giving us a refund that made me mad, it was the accusation, the tone in the jumped up receptionists voice. I was so upset that we were being kicked out. It was just beyond belief and the humiliation was something I’d do well to avoid again.

When I finally came through into reception Alanna and Kate were clearly angry and distressed, all  our belonging were heaped on the floor. We couldn’t believe they had actually packed up belongings for 3 girls as they saw fit and just dumped them into which ever bag they fancied, they could have at least waited for us to get back and escorted up to do it ourselves. Oh no though once again I was reminded that this was company policy, the policy for someone who has been caught on CCTV stealing an old mans suitcase from reception. Again I tried to be reasonable and explain the misunderstanding but wasn’t being listened to, apparently the CCTV said it all and I was wasting my breath.

You hear all the time how mobile phone and magnets interfere with the card keys so we just assumed it would be a one minute job to reset it, I couldn’t face going back to reception, I’d wait for them I said. Who know’s how much time had actually passed but I just couldn’t hold it anymore and I decided I couldn’t wait in the hotel corridor anymore and that I would go down to reception and see what was taking them so long, I mean how long did it take to reset the room key. So I finally made my way down the stairs as I did I recognised a man from reception bounding towards me, he shouted at me that I had to leave, obviously I asked why, he said we were being kicked out becaause I had been caught on CCTV stealing, I asked him what on earth he was referring to and he responded talking to me in a manner that was rude and abusive about how I had been caught on CCTV stealing an old man’s suitcase and that we have to leave the hotel immediately. I tried to explain that there was a reasonable explanation and this was all a misunderstanding but he wasn’t having any of it. I swear he loved every second of this power trip he had suddenly found himself on and enjoyed ruining our trip in the process of his.

We were all so full, the American restaurant had been the right choice and now finally at 8.30pm after having to wait an hour for the table we were heading back to the hotel to get our glad rags on for our night on the town dancing the night away. There was a bottle of wine in the hotel room chilling in the sink and added to the bottle we drank with our meal, the cocktails whilst waiting in the bar and pre restaurant pub round we were pretty sure we were going to be heading back into the night with a warm fuzzy glow and stride in our step. Our last night out together back in January hadn’t exactly ended well and with reduced numbers we sure as hell intended on making up for it. We had already giggled most of our way through dinner and with the night so young we were really happy to be away and spending some quality time together, after all time with friends is priceless and what with Alanna’s baby approaching her first birthday these girly nights were few and far between, nothing was going to spoil this one.

Make up and fake tan, a whole bag of it, oh hair products too. We didn’t really need to buy anything but we were mooching as you do and it was such a bargain store none of us could resist. We’d only popped out really for a quick look before dinner. By the time Kate and Alanna had arrived back and we hung up our dresses and put the wine in the sink to chill it was already 4pm, the shops wouldn’t be open for much longer anyway and there was definitely a pint somewhere with Alanna’s name on and something in bottle for Kate and I. We were definitely in the mood for getting this party started, we waltzed out of reception and into the late afternoon sun keen to have the night of our lives.

I put the suitcase on the bed, the opposite to where I wanted to sleep, so Kate would know I’d designated who was were, the bed was plenty big enough to share and Kate didn’t mind, it was Alanna who was very clear on needing the sofa bed so as not to man handle us accidentally in the night. At least she admits it! I headed back up to the room, I used the lift this time what with having the suitcase, I couldn’t really be bothered to drag it up two flights of stairs, I needed my energy for dancing later on. I’m not sure why we both went down to reception to meet Kate when she called to say she had arrived, however it seemed to turn out for the best, Kate had parked in the wrong car park and she needed Alanna to go with her and help her find the right car park a few minutes’ walk away, so Kate headed back out of reception and Alanna asked me if I minded taking Kate’s bag back up to the room with me before she trailed off her behind her. So I did, I picked it up and took it. Except it wasn’t Kate’s and that is when I became a ‘thief’.

This is the first Word Press Challenge I have taken and with this recent eventful night still on my mind I felt compelled to write it in response to ‘Backward’ I hope you enjoyed the writing rather than reading about our misadventure!


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