Recent thoughts on turning 30….

133 days stand between me and my 30 year old self.

I am still not overly fond on the fact and if I could just have a couple more years to get used to the idea I would, but I can’t unless any of you are keeping a time a machine a secret from me, in which case now would be a perfect time to reveal it and then let me use it.

However back in the reality of being 29 and very nearly being 30 I cannot deny the fact that having a party to ‘celebrate’ was a decision I knew I needed to make soon, especially as my birthday is only a few weeks into the new year and I appreciate people need notice if they are going to do anything set in stone past Christmas and New Year itself.

So I ummed and arred about a party, where to have it, what to do, who to invite and this suddenly felt a little similar to me and I realised the last time I was involved in anything on this scale was when I was planning my wedding, now my wedding was pretty low key and the reception was like a party and very chilled out and that’s when it hit. You are only 30 once!!

I mean I’m already divorced right and I’m kind of hopeful that I will get married again one day and so whilst when people get married for the first time they say and want to believe you only get married once, well I don’t believe that nor can I say I want that but guess what?! I really will only be 30 once so there is only one thing for it……




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