Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball Review

I actually love the song, I quite like the lyrics and my interpretation of them.

She has been getting a lot of press lately for reasons so obvious I do not need to spell out, however my opinion, she’s hot, she’s young, she’s not actually Hannah Montana and she works it.

If you disagree just watch this video of BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James. I love Greg, he is funny and entertaining even when it comes to controversial topics, but lets face it, this video, whilst genius is also painfully cringe worthy to watch. I beg you to differ. Then maybe you’ll admit if you haven’t already, that Miley has got it and she is merely flaunting it.

Role model, maybe not, entitled to for doing her thing,  yes, even if being famous for being a naked young woman you can’t deny she knows how to get the attention she wants and with 85 million youtube hits in 4 days I don’t suppose anyone can deny her that!


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