The all consuming thing….

I really thought when I came back from holiday I was going to write the most amazing post as an insight to my week away. You may have noticed that this has not happened.

Apart from being quite busy since coming back I also have one of those things going on which is all consuming and takes every last free thought in your mind and makes it revolve around the thing.

I am not in much of a position to comment on the thing as the minute, which I know is kind of annoying, I hate people who try and draw attention to themselves in order to get the interest of others, this honestly is not a cheap shot at that. I am merely informing and I suppose apologising for the lack of writing this week. 

When I am able to think straight for longer than .3milli seconds on something other than the thing I will endeavour to return with something worthy of the wait until then you might just get pointless and a little less than interesting updates on my minds progress.

I do hope you are all well though and have a bit if a grip on things unlike me!


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