How I repay loveliness

Today I left the house for work in quite a chipper mood and feeling pretty good. I’m not sure if it was because it was Friday or if it was because I was wearing my new jumper (it is rather sparkly and fluffy, photo doesn’t do it justice)

Anyway while at work in an office I have never visited before, one of many I cover up and down the country, a lady who I had never met said to me that she had been admiring my very nice jumper and that I have a lovely style. How nice is that, mainly because I rarely feel good in what I wear and then the one day I feel quite nice someone comments, must take note and stop leaving the house looking like a sack of potatoes. Then in the same office I happened to see someone I haven’t seen for 3 or more years, who promptly said I was looking really well, seriously, do good clothes make all the difference? obviously they do.

After this and feeling quite good I went for a drink with an old colleague who I haven’t seen for nearly two years, again he said how well I looked and when I moaned about not having been to the gym (health related) for over 6 months and that I was really watching what I ate he said that I must be eating right and keep as I am.

So you can imagine how warm and fuzzy 3 comments in one day, a friday of all days, had made me feel. With this nice feeling of lovliness and whilst I was having the drink, non alcoholic, with the old colleague we were catching up about our latest jobs and I was complaining about a company that I had left and how bad they were, when out of nowhere without hesitation I called the management ‘c**nts’ I was pretty shocked to say the least, I very very rarely use this word and when I have used it previously it has only been directed at very very very unpleasant people with good cause.

So it seems that the nicer people are to me and the more warm and fuzzy I feel the more unlovely and crude I can be, go figure.

Anyway, obviously I didn’t let this taint my mood, I’m way to selfish and mean to let that happy because today, and today only, I look good 😉

ha ha, happy weekend everyone!

p.s I did not intend the photo to appear to be of my boobs, my bad!


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