100 posts down – 100 days to go!

Wowsers…. this is post 100 since I started this blog/journey to my 30th Birthday which is now only 100 days away…eek. I must thank all the followers I have, when I set out this blog I never had any expectation as to who would read it and now I have over 100 followers, the actual number is irrelevant and there are a few ‘earn from blogging types’ who I know don’t read or have any interest in what I have to say, but the rest of you, thank you!! To new people, welcome….and follow me!

However of course in good old fashion countdowns which I seem quite fond of, these things are happening before then.

Friends birthday weekend, food and drinks seem to be the theme – 5 days (fingers crossed more successful that my last night out)

Cheeky revisit to Malta for a long weekend –  31 days (excited about this)

The birth of two babies, one to each of my lovely step sisters….. I wish I could predict a countdown for them but I can’t, however one will definitely be here before Christmas and the other might be too ??? days (really excited about this)

Christmas – 71 days (only exciteed about this because of the above)

New Year – 78 days (urgh not at all excited about this)

My birthday  30TH birthday – 100 days….100…..that is all. (Not too thrilled about this)

My 30th Birthday Party – 102 days (Extremely excited about this)

Well as I am so excited about my party, even though my first lot of invites were printed wrong and I am waiting for replacements, I guess that means really I must be excited about turning 30? As if I wasn’t turning 30 there wouldn’t be a big fat party would there. See where I am going with this, that surely I must be coming round to the idea of turning 30……maybe, a little bit. It’s a more fun prospect that New Year, but then again that happens every  year and is usually a disappointment so it is not hard to be more excited about that.

I’ll keep you posted on how the above list of things go, especially the babies, I mean who doesn’t want to see them right?!


much love soon to be Aunt Rach 🙂


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